Business Cards in Chicago

Business card printing is popular at our Chicago print shop. Custom Midwest Print knows how important business cards can be in executing your information or message. Business cards play a crucial role in the world of networking. It would also be true that your business cards can leave a lasting impression on others. Many say that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression and that may be true with business cards. When it comes to finding the best custom business cards near you, our Chicago print shop is the best choice!

History of Business Cards

The use of business cards dates back to the 15th century in China. Although the intention behind these cards were not for business, they were used as calling cards. Royalty members used these cards to announce their arrivals. In Europe, business cards were used to explain the purpose of visits. For example, the cards would express condolences, congratulate, and other gestures. In fact, the use of these original business cards were so common that most houses had specific dishes that held the cards.

Eventually, business cards were deemed as essential in 1922 by Emily Post. Guidelines were then provided and businesses started using them. “trade cards” was the term used to describe the cards for business. Information on the business card would include the shop, location, and services. It is important to know that streets were not named in the early 1900s, so trade cards included directions or maps on the back of the card. 

Are Business Cards Still Effective?

are business cards still effective

Many people believe that the growth of digital marketing is diminishing the use of business cards. Although digital marketing is on the rise, Statistic Brain states that there are 10 billion business cards printed every year. Nowadays, business cards feature high tech details like QR codes. The fact is that people still expect your business to have business cards. It’s a must have and it’s highly personal. Business cards add a more personal touch to the information provided. Our Chicago business cards deliver your key information to your clients’ hands.

Why our Chicago Business Cards?

The reason why Midwest Custom Print produces the best Chicago business cards is because our custom business cards set you apart from competitors. Our Chicago print shop’s business cards prove your level of professionalism, credibility, and loyalty. These factors help our print shop stand out from other printing services. Below are additional reasons why people choose Midwest Custom Print.

Cost Effective Business Cards

Our Chicago business cards are cost effective because we keep our price low. Business cards are always a highly beneficial marketing strategy that comes at a low cost. Keeping the cost low allows you to keep a professional look without losing any quality. Midwest Custom Print ensures quality throughout the whole printing process. 

Our Chicago Business Cards Builds Your Brand

Here at our Chicago print shop, we make sure your custom business cards help build your brand. Business cards assist in establishing your brand, making your business recognisable. Using business cards for branding helps build consistency with your message, theme, and company. Take the elements to the next level with our professional design team. We’ll make sure your business name, logo, tag line, contact details, and social media icons look appealing and professional. Building a brand can be difficult, having professional design help can get rid of the stress. Contact our print quote page or call our Chicago print shop today for more information. 

Generate Leads With Our Chicago Business Cards

One of the best features of our Chicago business cards is the lead generation. Encourage lead generation with our custom business cards. Our Chicago print shop knows how to grab clients attention and give them the meaningful information. We specialize in quality and modern printing techniques to deliver a personal connection with our Chicago business cards. Make your business cards memorable with our print shop in Chicago.


Midwest Custom Print helps you create the best business cards in Chicago. Our Chicago printing services offer the best design and quality for your custom business cards. Whether it’s for personal or business use, we can assist you in designing professional business cards that deliver your important information. Look no further for a print shop near you and call Midwest Custom Print today.