Custom Postcards in Chicago

You might find it interesting that Postcards were originally sold commercially in Chicago. Custom postcards were sold at the World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago in May 1893. These cards were commonly called “mail cards”. Eventually, in 1901, the US government gave private printers the OK to print and sell postcards.

Postcard Marketing

Custom postcards have also been used for marketing by businesses and individuals. You might be familiar with postcard coupons in your mail. These promotional print products are perfect for announcements. Postcards are a great size that captures attention and demands action. Some may think that using postcards for business are outdated but many companies would say otherwise. Considering that residents physically handle their mail, it gives you a direct advantage over other marketing methods.

Custom Postcard Design

It’s no surprise that new modern postcards have a higher effect on prospects. Impress your potential clients with our Chicago print shop’s design team. Midwest Custom Print works with your vision to deliver a top-quality custom postcard to you. In fact, the median direct mail response rate has been increasing since 2015 (1). More than ever does a customer need to be able to differentiate between services and brands. Make sure your custom postcards stand out!

Affordable Custom Postcards

One attractive benefit of custom postcards is how affordable they are. Our Chicago print shop prints soft sleek postcards at a cheap rate. We use full color technology to get the best color for your design. This makes it easy for you to have recurring postcards delivering to customers homes. Midwest Custom Print has multiple sizes available in case you want to add an extra element to your promotion. For example, we offer 4×6, 4×9, 5×7, 5.5×8.5, and 6×8.75.

Best Postcard Printing in Chicago

At Midwest Custom Print, our Chicago printing services are ideal for all customers. Whether you are a business or an individual, we can help you create the best postcards for your print project. Available in multiple styles and sizes, our Chicago print shop can deliver products to you or custom design your vision onto paper. Some of our paper choices are a gloss cover stock, matte cover stock, and recycled matte cover stock.

Custom Gloss Postcards in Chicago

Our Chicago print shop produces a shiny sleek gloss cover on your postcards. Custom postcards are perfect for high-resolution images. With our gloss postcards, your prints will shine and stand out from all the other direct mail. We offer 14-point and 16-point C2S Gloss which allows for full control of appearance. Contact us today for a custom print quote or visit our product here.

Custom Matte Postcards in Chicago

Matte postcards offer a more subtle look that proves professional. Sophistication is a term commonly used to describe matte postcards. Our Chicago print shop produces top-quality matte postcards at an affordable rate. For more information on how to get matte postcards in Chicago, visit our product page here. Midwest Custom Print even offers recycled matte postcards for an eco-friendly approach. Show your customers how much you care about the environment by purchasing recycled postcards.