Custom Posters in Chicago

custom posters in chicago

Poster advertising has been around since the 1890s. Classic posters in Chicago include festivals, concerts, and announcements of rock musicians. Posters can be used to promote special events or highlight key features of your product. The applications are limitless with custom posters, that’s why it is still widely used today. At Midwest Custom Print, we supply and print custom posters using top quality printing techniques. Our printing services in Chicago are available for any business or individual looking to print top quality posters.

Chicago Poster History

chicago poster history

Back then, posters in Chicago had more text than images, if any. You will see big letter font on the top of posters, coupled with many styles of fonts describing the event promoted. If you fast forward a hundred years, you will see lots of images. Modern custom posters have graphic design throughout the entire poster. These sleek looking posters caught lots of attention which then formed many poster enthusiast and artists. Nowadays people collect movie posters and other custom posters that reflects their idols or experiences. It is important to know how effective a properly designed poster can be.

Poster Printing Near Me

With the right poster, you can command attention and influence the viewers. Our Chicago print shop offers premium poster printing for any design. While custom posters are popular for promoting events, you can use posters to esthetically design your business space. For example, many businesses incorporate posters in bathrooms & meeting rooms usually having company information or inspiration. Midwest Custom Print allows you to have full control of your custom poster. Visit our Chicago location for custom poster prints and receive them FAST!

Order a Poster

When it comes to full-color custom posters, our Chicago print shop is the place to go. Midwest Custom Print offers premium posters at an affordable rate. With our gloss cover, your design will stand out and capture all the attention. Our design team can assist you in making the perfect design for your company’s purpose. Chicago poster printing is not new, but with the right design, you can surely attract new customers. Check out our poster selection for more information on custom posters in Chicago, and order your poster today.