Get Ready for the Holidays with Greeting Cards and More

2021 is almost over and here at Midwest Custom Print, we are getting our customers prepared for the holiday season. Right now is the time to start ordering your custom print items for your customers, employees and vendors. Remember, the sooner you order, the more you save by avoiding rush fees and possible delivery delays. Let’s kick off the month of October with orders for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years. We have a few suggestions to help you decide what you need.

Custom Greeting Cards

The best attribute of greeting cards is that you can customize a message that is appropriate for your audience. You know more than anything about the demographic and cultural themes that would appeal to the recipients. We can help you design it and print them in as little of 1 Business Day. With 7 different card stocks and you can select from Glossy or Matte. If you want something fancy, our Velvet Soft Touch greeting cards are great if you want to stand out. They are not just for the holidays because they can be used as Thank You Cards, Anniversary Cards or whatever you need them to be.

greeting card

Mounted Posters

If you are looking to display sales and to guide customers to an area, mounted posters are a great choice. You can order between 1 or 20 in 4 different sizes depending on the space needed to promote. Whether it’s a store or office, custom posters add a flare that will give customers a great impression. Speaking of impressions, when you add your logo on the posters, your will be increasing your brand awareness.

Custom Postcards

Do you have a mailing list? If you do you can take advantage of having the postal service provide a personal message to your audience. Custom Postcards are still popular and it allows a business to connect with people who may have been ordering online or have fast transactions that limits the ability to provide a solid message. Send your customers a coupon attached to save money on their next order. Also, you can make everyone in the community aware of a location change or other updates that relevant to the relationship. Custom Posters and inexpensive, but worth it.

postcard image

Vinyl Banners

Custom Vinyl Banners are the most affordable way to create a message for either indoor or outdoor hanging. We can produce banners in as little as one business day and have it shipped to your office/doorstep pretty quickly. There are custom sizes available up to 100 feet long of needed, so we are your large format printer as it relates to this product. Our banners come with hems and grommets and we can provide reinforced power tabs if it will be out in the elements.

These are just a few products to look at for the holiday season, but make sure to reach out for business cards, brochures, retractable banners, flyers, labels and much more. Follow us on Facebook, visit our Website or call 844-928-7866. You Think It, We Create it.”