Five of the Best Affordable Products for Entrepreneurs

The past 2 years have caused many Americans to rethink their goals and career aspirations. With the events that caused the Black Lives Matter Movement and Covid-19, some were either driven or forced to make changes. The entrepreneurial spirit has never been higher in our modern time and if a person wants to go down that path, they are going to need certain products to brand their new business/venture.

After helping hundreds of customers plan and execute their branding strategies, we compiled 5 print products that every aspiring entrepreneur will need and should be able to afford. They are:

Graphic Design Services– In order to bring your thoughts and brand to light, it’s best to hire a graphic designer to create your logo and other products. This is helpful because it will save you time and most of our customers are surprised at how affordable the services are. Our team will take the information you provide and create a product that will leave you speechless. This is one of the best investments a new business owner can make.

Custom Business Cards– Custom Business Cards are the most affordable promotional products a budding new business owner can purchase. Business cards can be the first impression for your business and can be a placeholder until websites and storefronts are created and launched. Don’t trust the naysayers who may state that it’s best to go with all digital assets because even in 2021, these products still are attractive, and we sell a lot of them.

Business Card Image

Flyers– Second only to business cards, custom flyers are affordable and is still one of the best ways to build brand awareness. Customers are conditioned to see flyers on their cars and doorsteps, so it’s your job to make sure they know what you are offering and how the products will benefit them.

Car Magnets– Custom Car Magnets are the most affordable product to turn your vehicle into a billboard. Skip paying thousands of dollars to wrap a van, truck or car because for under $100, you can have car magnets that fulfill the same purpose of gathering thousands of impressions per day and drive phone calls. It’s all in the design, so let us design one for you.

Car Magnet Image

Retractable Banner– The pop-up shop is the new storefront for many new entrepreneurs. Retractable banners are great for giving off a professional image and helping you stand out from other new business owners. They are mobile and light, so you can take carry them anywhere. Couple a retractable banner with a custom table cover to make your brand pop more.

These are just a few items that Midwest Custom Print has to offer. We are the fastest growing local print shop in Chicago and have been helpful in launching the brands of hundreds of businesses. See our reviews on Google.  We have hundreds of satisfied customers all over the city of Chicago and throughout the United States. Call us at 844-928-7866 or visit our website