EDDM Postcards

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EDDM Postcards

Every Door Direct Mail® is a USPS service designed to make it easy and affordable to reach the customers with targeted large-format mailers in specific neighborhoods — no mailing list required. Just enter an address or Zipcode to select your desired neighborhoods, and your postcard is delivered to — you guessed it — every door in those neighborhoods.

Whether you’re a restaurant that wants to share delivery menus with customers or a local business promoting a grand opening or special offer, EDDM postcard printing allows you to get your printed piece right into their hands by targeting an entire neighborhood.

Chicago EDDM Postcards

Midwest Custom Print provides the best quality EDDM postcards. Each postcard is printed on our professional printers located in our Chicago print shop. When it comes to EDDM postcards, Midwest Custom Print is the print shop for you! For more information on EDDM postcards call 844-928-7866.

14-Point C2S Gloss Cover Stock

Our 14 pt. C2S gloss cover stock is a high-quality cover stock featuring a glossy sheen on both sides - perfect for postcards with high resolution and sharp imagery.


16-Point C2S Gloss Cover Stock

Our 16 pt. C2S gloss cover stock is a premium, ultra-thick stock with a glossy finish on both sides — perfect for postcards that need to stand out above the rest.


13-Point Matte Cover Stock

Our 13 pt. matte cover stock is an ideal choice for products where a matte finish is desired. It presents a more subtle, sophisticated look. This paper contains 10% post-consumer waste.

What is a UV coating?
A UV coating is applied to a printed sheet, then bonded and cured with ultraviolet light.
UV coating

This coating yields a tough, scratch resistant surface that is extremely durable.

You can print your EDDM postcards with or without a UV coating, or even have a UV coating on one side, depending on your paper selection.