Midwest Custom Print Inc. is a promotional goods firm that produces print items for apparel, stationary and any goods that can assist with brand recognition. Clients always enjoy our custom printing products. Our print shop is based on the Southside of Chicago and is listed as a minority owned firm. The principals of the organization has over 45 years of advertising and marketing experience and are poised to capture a significant portion of the Midwest’s market share.

Firms Management

Adisa J. Haskin- Has over 20 years of experience in independent sales and marketing in the music industry and clothing. Adisa single handedly developed a marketing strategy that placed thousands of branded T-shirts in to consumer’s hands on throughout Chicago with a limited marketing budget. In addition to the latter, he was effective in managing multiple recording artists, graphic designers and producers for 100 Percent Hood Inc. and Catalyst 01 productions that generated revenue in excess of $2 million over 7 year span.

Tyrone Hannah- Tyrone has been touted as “the one man army” due to his effectiveness related to street promotion. His experience with relationship building and information gathering provides the necessary market intel necessary to uncover customer needs and insight into the strategies of competitors. His commitment to drive brand awareness is unwavering and he has been integral with driving the qualitative factors that drive desired conversions.

Reylon Ellis- Has had several nicknames such as “The Nerd” or “Glasses” because of his expansive business acumen in sales and marketing. He holds a Master of Business Administration from Texas A&M University and currently manages a client portfolio that generates $50 million per year at his current employer. He is a certified Peak Performance Sales coach and has experience managing remote sales teams throughout the United States.