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Velvet Business Cards

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Velvet Business Cards

Velvet business cards add premium appeal to your marketing materials. Our Chicago print shop prints these custom business cards on 15-point velvet paper stock. Velvet paper stock has distinct benefits, including soft, velvety texture, a unique sheen, and heavy weight for durability. Words describing Midwest Custom Print velvet business cards range from traditional to elegant. The look and feel of these add a level of importance into your business cards. Collectively, these attributes make anything printed with velvet paper stock appear to be of premium-quality. There are also studies that show that event perception extends to the products made for marketing mediums.

Chicago Velvet Business Cards

Chicago’s Midwest Custom Print offers the best quality velvet for your business cards. Our print shop ensures durability and high-quality printing for any print project you may have. If you need help designing your business cards, you may contact Midwest Custom Print located in Chicago for professional advice. Call us today for more information on velvet business cards at 844-928-7866. Need help designing you cards Click Here. Follow us on Facebook.

15-Point Velvet Cover Stock

Our 15 pt. velvet cover stock is a heavy, distinctive paper with a velvety smooth finish and semi-matte look with 10 percent recycled content. This stock gives a high-end, classic look to any business card.

15 pt. Velvet with Soft Touch Coating

If you want the ultimate look and feel for your piece, combine our premium 15 pt. velvet cover with an added soft-touch coating. This premium surface treatment adds a fine, super-smooth finish that makes a bold impact in the hand and on the eye. Nothing gives a more luxurious and sophisticated feel than this paper and finish option.

Business Card Layout Guidelines

Download our layout guidelines to ensure your artwork will print correctly.

3.5 x 2 Business Card Layout

3.5 x 1 Business Card Layout

2 x 2 Business Card Layout

3.5 x 3.5 Business Card Layout