Custom Car Magnets in Chicago

custom car magnets in chicago

Car and vehicle magnets are a popular way to advertise your product or services on the go. Custom car magnets are frequently requested at our Chicago print shop. Midwest Custom Print knows the importance of the magnet strength when it comes to custom car magnets. Our magnetic material is .03″ thick, making it ideal for firm placement.

How to Apply Car Magnets

how to apply car magnets

Many customers ask how to properly apply the custom car magnet to their vehicles. To apply our custom car magnet, we recommend applying the magnet when the vehicle is warmer than room temperature. Although it is approaching winter, heating up the garage is a simple way to warm up your car. If you place the custom magnet on your car during colder temperatures, the magnet will not properly grip the side of the vehicle. It is important to keep the repositioning to a minimum.

Why Custom Car Magnets Work

why car magnets work

Ever seen a car on the highway decorated with loads of magnets? It is hard to ignore, thus we usually see ourselves examining the rich magnet design and the product or services it offers. Custom car magnets are a great investment since you will only need to pay once. Then your vehicle becomes a driving billboard! To stand out with your car magnet, contact our professional Chicago graphic design team at our Chicago print shop. Our Chicago printing services guarantee quality custom car magnets at an affordable rate. Make sure you send the right message to others driving by. Make more impressions today with our custom car magnets.

Print Custom Car Magnets in Chicago

Already have a design? No problem! Print your own design using our easy to use tool on our website! Midwest Custom Print offers multiple sizes for your custom car magnets. The inks used to print your car magnets are UV curable, thus resulting in a perfect finish. With our magnetic material being 0.03 thick, it serves as a premium magnet for cars or other vehicles. Our Chicago print shop can assist in every step to printing your magnet. Visit our products page or call us today! Check us out on Facebook.


Custom car magnets in Chicago are hard to miss, you see them on the highway all the time. To stand out, decorate your car with magnets highlighting your business or products. With the help of our professional design team, we can assist in creating the perfect custom car magnet for you. Midwest Custom Print offers the best quality printing services in Chicago. Order your custom car magnets today with our Chicago print shop!