How to Save Money on Print and Promotional Products

Midwest Custom Print has specialized in Promotion & Marketing for over 20 years. Our experience extends to our partner printers who are in this Industry. Managing costs and saving money is a common struggle with several entrepreneurs and business owners I’ve spoken to. Our Chicago print shop can help you understand not only what promotional products you should use, but how to manage the costs as well. For this common question, I have listed pointers to help business owners and managers save money. Our print shop competitors will cringe at this article because it will expose secrets of the promotional products industry. But in all fairness, these pointers will be helpful in regard to building overall business acumen for Midwest Custom Print.

Establish Relationships with Print Shops

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One can easily go to Vistaprint, U-Printing or a myriad of custom print and promotional products firms. But that is not the best solution for long term. Local print shops and distributors may be able to offer you better pricing than the larger firms. For example, on Midwest Custom Print, you can test and see that our Chicago print products are priced significantly lower than our competitors. We can do this via lean supply chain management. Our print shop’s goal is to keep winning repeat business. Although our cost per acquisition may be higher in the beginning, this strategy proves better for our bottom line. If you develop a relationship with your print shop, they may allow you to gain net 20/30 credit terms once the relationship is established. Our print shop may even allow partial payment options. These benefits can be helpful during months when business is slower.

Plan Early for Print Jobs

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If you want to save money, it’s best to allow 5-7 business days for your print job to be complete. Custom promotional print firms usually charge 20-100% more for same day / rush orders. If you really need something immediately, the cost associated with the upcharge is justified, but you need to ask yourself if the need was urgent or did you pay more for procrastination. It is important to have your artwork prepared before calling the print shop because productions days only count after the artwork has been approved.

During COVID-19, Midwest Custom Print and print product suppliers have experienced staffing issues that can sometimes cause delays. Our Chicago print shop have been very transparent with our customers regarding rush orders and delays. Our customers have experienced dishonest print shops beforehand and explain that they have missed deadlines etc. We take our business seriously so we will not hesitate to inform our customers about any updates about their print projects. We ask our customers to be patient with us as we move forward with deliveries. It is important to know that our Quality will not be compromised during these troubling times.

Leverage Artwork for Print Products

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 75% of our customers request us to design their products or edit them to ensure the artwork is print quality. Given that graphic designers charges are $45/hour and up, our graphic design services are preferred since our Chicago print shop has in-house graphic designers. If you use any printers for our graphic design services, ask for a 10% discount on the print job! Most print shop competitors draw a hard line with pricing, however, I could not see myself or the sales team allow business to walk out the door over 10%. Midwest Custom Print in Chicago personally uses this as leverage to win businesses over. This is because smaller shops cannot afford to lose any customers. This is not haggling, but simply negotiation for a better price. We at Midwest Custom Print, look forward to the reorders since we already have the artwork and a competitive price.    


Save money and time with your custom print jobs. Hopefully this how-to article has been helpful because when it comes to custom print jobs, the cost over time can get expensive. Knowing how to negotiate a better price and being prepared can save you thousands of dollars over a calendar year. Visit our homepage as mentioned earlier to test this methodology versus our competitors like VistaPrint. Visit our Chicago print shop at 11006 S Michigan Ave Suite 11, Chicago, IL 60628. Or shoot us a call at 844-928-7866.