Velvet Business Cards in Chicago

velvet business cards chicago

Velvet business cards are for brands who are looking to add a luxurious feel to their business. Our Chicago print shop focuses on the elements that make these business cards stand out. This includes the smooth, soft texture to the cards’ surfaces. Any prospect or client will immediately be impressed with velvet business cards, allowing you to leave a lasting impression. Midwest Custom print specializes in custom velvet business cards so you can look no further! 

Suede Business Cards

Sometimes these luxurious business cards are referred to as “suede” business cards. Nonetheless, our velvet texture beefs up the cardstock thickness so it becomes much more durable. Available in multiple sizes, Midwest Custom print has the perfect solution for your business cards needs. For suede/velvet cards, it is best to write on them with oil-based ink or permanent markers!

What are velvet business cards?

Velvet business cards are textured business cards that have been textured for a popular look in business. This texture is achieved by using our Chicago print shop’s water based coating. This leaves a great custom look on your business cards. Many describe the texture as plush, luxurious, and velvet. Velvet business cards are the best for premium brands and events. 

Velvet Soft Touch Business Cards in Chicago

It’s important to choose the right print shop when looking for velvet touch business cards. Our Chicago print shop, Midwest Custom Print, offers the best custom velvet business cards for your brand. Our professional printing services prove quality with each custom print product. For more information on how to get velvet business cards in Chicago, visit our Chicago print shop today. 

Want help with your Business Cards?

graphic design chicago

At Midwest Custom Print, we can help you make the best custom business cards. Let our graphic design team assist you on your velvet business cards. Our Chicago print shop has the best printing techniques that will make your custom business cards stand out. The graphic design team has over 40 years of advertising so professional is the keyword here!


When it comes to Velvet business cards in Chicago, Midwest Custom print is the best print shop. Our Chicago print shop will make sure your custom velvet business cards look luxurious, and professional. Call our print shop today for custom business cards near you.