Preparing for the Family Reunion

Here at Midwest Custom Print, we do our best to help our customers get prepared for family events. With increased numbers of people getting vaccinated and the hope of herd immunity, many expect family reunions to be larger that one’s last summer. As it relates to custom print products that  organizers purchase for these events, most people think of T-Shirts. There are so many items that can help make the vent look great and serve as communication/safety tools and here are a few that we offer that can make the get togethers a success.

Custom Banners

Banner image

Custom Banners are affordable and can come in a variety of sizes to represent everything from the name of the event to markers for different festivities. A 13 oz. Vinyl Banner is the ideal choice for those looking for cost effective promotional products to represent the family name. Many of our customers have been creating memorial banners for different functions and what better way to celebrate those we lost during the height of Covid-19 than a full color image of one of there pictures.

Yard Signs

Yard Sign Image

Whether it’s a family members back yard or a large public recreation area, yard signs are effective with guiding people to different areas of the function or to mark specific areas. They are very inexpensive but can help with making sure people keep decent distance or act as markers to lead to activities. A good 18 in. x 24 in. Yard Sign either one sided or two-sided would be a great addition to the print items needed to make for a successful day.

Custom Stickers

Labels image

Custom Stickers are perfect for labeling everything from food or different items that can be given away at the family reunion. The coordinators of family events look for alternative ways to brand certain items with the family name(s). Something as simple of having a custom label for containers of Grandma’s famous peach cobbler would stand out and put extra emphasis on how special certain recipes are for the family.

Those are just a few items that would help, but there are products such as poster boards, event tickets, flyers and even menus, depending on how elaborate the event is designed. Hopefully, this helps, and we can always help with great prices and customer service to make any event work. We serve as a custom print shop in Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis and can ship all over the United States. Midwest Custom Print is the premier printer for customers looking for the prices of national firms, but the service of a mom and pop business. Thanks for reading and call 844-928-7866 for questions and you can visit our website- CLICK HERE. Also for ideas related to images ETSY has great stuff.