Business Cards and Why They are Important.

In the era of digital advertising, I would be remiss not to acknowledge the importance of leaving an imprint digitally on the web and social media. Most companies and organizations spend thousands and millions on ensuring they have content to be exploited with the goal of gaining as many impressions as possible. This leads many to question, “Why are Business Cards Important?” The goal of this article is to explain some key reasons why a business owner would order custom business cards and the value these items can bring.

People Still Ask for Business Cards

Since I am part owner of a printing company, whether I am doing day to day prospecting or lingering around a food truck park, I will always let business owners know how I can help them with print and promotional products. 90% of the individuals I talk with ask for my business card. Even the younger entrepreneurs will ask for a card at almost the same rate as adults. Overall, there is still the expectation that you have them on hand.

It’s Inexpensive Advertising

Most of the barbers and hair stylists who patronize our area use business cards as flyers. A person can not only have their contact information on the card. The backside is often used to promote discount codes/coupons, tip charts, appointment information, loyalty points and etc.

At Midwest Custom Print we offer 1000 Full Color Business Cards for only $29.99, so the investment is minimal, but the returns are great. It’s a fixed cost versus the fluctuating cost of PPC advertising or CPM ads on search and social media advertising.

Canvas for Creativity

Many of our customers take advantage of the Full Color Glossy Business Cards, but we are getting more who want the Velvet Soft Touch and the Matte. With the Full Color cards a business owner can take advantage of limitless designs to help them with branding, while the Velvet Soft Touch looks and Feels Good. The Matte Business Cards are good for appointment cards or for writing on the back.

Business Cards are still a staple in professional circles and regardless of industry/occupation people still have them and so should you. With prices being so competitive on the web now, our Chicago Print Shop is offering great prices on the web and our physical location. Here at Midwest Custom Print, we will not only print your cards, but our basic business card design charge is only $25. Call us at 844-928-7866 for questions. Visit our Website. Check us out on Facebook.